Board Members

We are team of passionate people committed to providing quality shelter, food, education and spiritual guidance to Ugandan orphans. By providing their basic necessities we offer hope and opportunities to achieve a future of success and fulfillment.


is the Board Treasurer. With experience in engineering, real estate, banking and insurance, he has been a money manager for over 45 years. He has been treasurer for three non-profit organizations.

is President of the Board. He has been involved actively in non profit leadership for over 30 years, as board member in churches and para-church organizations. His career in the commercial construction industry has spanned over 35 years.

is Board Secretary. Now retired, she had a career as the administrative director, office manager, editor and executive assistant in two churches and a counseling group. She also has several years’ volunteer experience in administrating and counseling in two para-church organizations.


is the founder of Ugandan Lambs Association USA. He is currently serving as Chief Operating Officer and Director for Ugandan Lambs Association USA. Prior to founding Ugandan Lambs Association USA, Samuel worked in the logistics and banking industries.


is co-founder of Ugandan Lambs Association USA. She currently manages USA office as well as working in the healthcare field as a Registered Nurse.


is Director of Healthcare, providing oversight of the medical and dental needs of the Lambs, and acting as liaison between the Ugandan staff and USA Board of Directors regarding health. She is a career Registered Nurse.


is Director of Education, overseeing the placement and progress of our Lambs, in conjunction with our local Ugandan staff, as they navigate through the Ugandan educational system. He is a Professor Emeritus at California State University, Long Beach. He was born and raised in Uganda, East Africa and has been a teaching professor for over 30 years.


is our Spiritual Development Director. The spiritual growth of our children is our highest priority; so Ron's function is to provide resources, guidance and encouragement to our Ugandan staff and children. He has been a LA County Probation Officer for over twenty years, and provides leadership in two local churches.