Updates from ULA's Board of Directors

August 2022

According to our in-country Ugandan staff, the country's economy is now fully opened; but Covid is still affecting people and the government is encouraging immunization. Our staff remains vigilant and encourages health and safety measures for Lambs and their caretakers. 

Because ULAUSA isn’t positioned to add more Lambs to our flock, the demographic is “aging,” and the focus of the ministry is no longer primarily geared towards little children. Many are now young women and men in the process of finding their identity and eyeing the future. For some it means pursuing higher education or trade school; but for all it means searching for their place in the adult world. It’s exciting and terrifying all at once, especially in a culture where careers can be elusive. ULA is meeting the challenge head-on, continually looking for opportunities to counsel and guide our blossoming young adults. As you will see in Reginah’s most recent reports, ULA celebrates graduates and is on a quest to expand the program to address their needs to become self-sustaining young adults. A concept paper on entrepreneurship training for our graduating young adults is included in Reginah's July monthly report - you won't want to miss it! It will give you insight into the hearts' desires of our Ugandan staff to see our Lambs flourish.

Reginah’s reports include stories of individual Lambs who have been/are being raised in the Ugandan Lambs organzation. Winfred Nambalirwa, who was recently highlighted, has now attained her bachelor's degree in Developmental Studies and was celebrated with joy as seen in photos included in May's report. You'll also enjoy the autobiography of Robinah Namboyera in May's report, and a sweet handwritten letter from Joel Ssekanzi in the June issue. We are blessed to be able to share these examples of what God has done in the lives of vulnerable children through Ugandan Lambs Association.


Reports from the Field

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