Greetings from ULA's Board of Directors

June 2024

Many of our “Lambs” are now “Sheep,” having grown up in the healthy, nurturing environment provided by the ministries of Ugandan Lambs Association. They’ve been physically and spiritually fed, safely housed, had their health monitored and maximized, been educated, have graduated, and are embracing life as young adults. What a blessing! Recently our board president made it his mission to gather statistics covering the history of the organization that began as a rescue mission for extended family members of founders, Sam & Ruth Sebabi. From a handful of young AIDS orphans at the onset, a ministry developed, grew into a small non-profit organization and ministered over the years to nearly 90 orphaned children rescued from probable lives of poverty and homelessness. No longer positioned to accept new Lambs, we are nonetheless grateful to reflect on the young lives that have been raised in the organization and those who remain to be graduated. At present we can report that about half of our Lambs have reached graduation age, graduated, and are now gainfully employed; the majority have remained in Uganda, although a small handful have been recruited by middle eastern Arab-speaking countries. Three Lambs who have recently graduated are seeking employment, five are in graduate school, five have finished their course of study and are awaiting graduation, and five are in undergraduate courses (post high school).


Ugandan Lambs Assn. was chartered to raise the children to young adulthood, equipping them to become godly, productive Ugandan citizens. As time has gone by, many of our Lambs have embraced the value of their education, discovered their gifts and talents, and set goals of pursuing training to prepare them for careers befitting their passions. Very often that has meant that advanced education is required. ULAUSA’s Board of Directors has determined that on a case-by-case basis, support may continue past graduation on the advice and oversight of ULA's in-country staff and ULAUSA Board of Directors. Lambs will be expected to present their goals and have them approved in advance by staff and directors and be willing to take advice from approved counselors. Those Lambs who have been sponsored through their developmental years will be advised to contact their supporters to determine their willingness to continue their sponsorship. They may also be required to earn a reasonable amount of fees and tuition themselves if that is applicable to their situation.


While supporting and encouraging the “Sheep” of our fold, still about twenty of our Lambs remain under the age of 18, on their way to graduation. Three developmentally disabled Lambs are homebound, well cared-for and engaged in activities and education to the best of their abilities.

So the ministry continues apace as the ULA family faithfully prays and contributes to the development of all of these precious lives who have been/are being brought up in a faith-based environment. We invite you to click on Reginah's reports below for more details and fun pictures of some proud graduates!

With deep gratitude,

ULAUSA Board of Directors

Sam & Ruth Sebabi

Jerry Renshaw

Gertrude Nantaba

Ron Bournes

Ron & Joan Mosley

Bede Ssensalo

 Reports from the Field
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