from ULA's Board of Directors

June 2021

As difficult as the pandemic has been in the USA, it has been and remains exponentially more so in third world countries such as Uganda. Immunization is nearly non-existent in the general population. Our Lambs are sequestered in our two children’s homes if no extended family are available to care for them in lockdown. Some of the higher institutions had partially opened to students to continue their educations, but the decision to open lower grades shortly has now been reversed, and the country's President has reinstated quarantine orders in the light of the increasing spread of the virus. It is feared that a dangerous second wave of Covid-19 in the country is imminent.

As you can imagine, as hard as it has been for students in countries with stable economies and reliable internet access, in Uganda and other struggling countries schooling while under quarantine has been inadequate, and minimal at best. We are eager to see the students resuming their courses of study, and especially eager for encouragement of their spiritual growth through Child Evangelism visitations.

Click below to find Reginah’s most recent report. To the best of their ability our Ugandan staff and caregivers are creatively continuing to give their all to nurture our Lambs. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and sponsors, the needs of God’s Lambs continue to be supplied even in this challenging time! Despite the circumstances, you will see from the report that they are thriving and progressing.

Join us in thanking our God for the health of our in-country staff and Lambs so far; and pray that the beleaguered little country will soon be able to anticipate relief from the pandemic.

Thanking God for your care for some of Uganda's most vulnerable!

Ugandan Lambs Board of Directors

Report from the Field

 click for Reginah's latest report: