What We Do

Ugandan Lambs Association USA provides shelter, clothing, food, and an education to many of the children orphans of Uganda. With your donation or sponsorship you help us to give hope and a higher quality of living for these children, who without our help would be destined for a life of poverty, hopelessness and starvation.

Ugandan Lambs Association USA is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization that cares for orphaned and HIV/AIDS children in Central Uganda. We exist to create a safe and nurturing environment along with quality education for the children in our care.Through our sponsorships and general funding we are able to provide the children in our care with a safe and nurturing environment, facilitate and monitor their education, and promote their physical and spiritual well-being, which gives the children foundation on which to build successful lives and become leaders in their community.We believe that the children have spiritual, educational and physical needs which must be engaged and cultivated.

We believe in transparency and are responsible and answerable to our board and donors for all actions and decisions made by the staff both domestically and internationally.

We believe in investing in local communities to bring about positive and effective changes that create lasting impacts in these communities.


"Without UG Lambs I might not of made it. They provided me with a solid foundation of love, health and education which enabled me to succeed and be able to help young children who are in the same situation I was at their age. Thanks for everything UG Lambs. I love you."
Alumnus: Senikwa Duran 

If only 7 percent of the 2 billion Christians in the world would care for a single orphan in distress, there would effectively be no more orphans.
Steven Curtis Chapman