Welcome to The Ugandan Lambs Association USA

Ugandan Lambs Association USA is a nonprofit non-denominational Christian organization devoted to helping orphans in Uganda, east Africa. Most of them were orphaned due to the devastating impact of the HIV virus.

With support from caring people like you from around the world, we are able to provide our Lambs with the basic necessities of life that would not be available to them otherwise.

The donations we receive on behalf of the children allow us to provide a stable environment that includes the basics – from shelter, food, clothing, spiritual guidance and quality education - to other needs and wants like music and arts that help them grow, experience, and come into their own personalities. They are provided with a safe environment so they can discover their gifts, understand what it is that drives them, and begin to envision a future career path.


Clothing, Food, Shelter, Medical Attention
Our first goal at ULAUSA with your donations is to provide our Lambs with the basic necessities of life that contribute to the health of their young bodies. Without these essentials they would not be able to even aspire to a meaningful and successful future.

Your donation allows us to provide education at faith-based boarding schools with high academic standards. No matter their age or learning ability, we provide our children with an education from K-12th grade that best suits their abilities and offers them the opportunities and choices that will encourage them to grow into the individuals God created them to be.
The spiritual education and development of each child of the greatest importance to the board and staff of Ugandan Lambs Association. Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) comes alongside of our Lambs, providing extra-curricular Bible teaching and discipleship training.

Your sponsorship or donations to ULAUSA allows us to give these children some of what they have lost and what they need the most – a loving community and sense of family. It is hard to succeed in life without these essentials. Having the foundation of a loving community builds these children’s hopes for the future. Lambs are encouraged to communicate with their sponsors, who are in return encouraged to communicate with their children. In many cases, the children feel that their sponsors are their parents, and respond with delight in receiving and writing letters back and forth, sharing their appreciation for the support they receive.

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